English Courses

Register now for an intensive summer English immersion course in Camden, Maine, USA!

Raise your English to a higher level with our personalized learning program, lively classes, experienced teachers, family-style meals, comfortable homestay accommodations, fun excursions, and total English immersion from morning to night.

Study English with us for 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks this summer – our immersion courses are offered July 9 – August 5, 2023.

Online English lessons available all year.

Individual English lesson at Acadia Center


On the first day of your immersion course, in consultation with the program director, a detailed plan is made outlining your learning goals and the best way to achieve them. To ensure that your objectives are met, weekly individual meetings with a teacher provide regular assessment of your progress and an opportunity to track your achievements.

Our combination intensive courses feature one-to-one and mini-group lessons, while our private intensive courses offer fully customized, private instruction.

Acadia Center student on Mt. Battie, Camden


Classes with a difference: Our experienced, friendly teachers create a lively, challenging learning environment that allows you to make maximum progress with both your spoken and written English. During your course, you will learn the most useful vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills for everyday conversation, business meetings, and conference calls, and you will master the most common expressions and structures used in e-mail correspondence, reports, and presentations.

Our immersion courses are ideal for professionals, executives, and adult students with at least a lower-intermediate level of English – lower-intermediate, upper-intermediate, or advanced – who would like to make rapid progress with their English, while at the same time enjoying the hospitality of a small New England town.

Register for a combination (private/mini-group) intensive course or a private intensive course this summer.

Acadia Center student with teachers Nancy and Corinne.


Can’t get away for an immersion course right now? Sign up for our online (via the internet) English lessons in conversation and/or writing. Acadia Center’s online courses via Zoom are a convenient, affordable, and effective way to improve your English.

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