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Midsummer Discount Offer: Save 10%

English immersion students working together on class project.

It’s summertime in Camden, which means delicious seafood, ocean sailing, and a not-to-be-missed opportunity to take a giant leap in your English proficiency at Acadia Center!

The shortest path to reaching your English language learning goals is full English immersion. At Acadia Center, you will practice your English all day, every day, in class and out of class, at family-style meals, and on excursions.

Student and teacher in school garden.Individual attention to your specific learning objectives is at the heart of the Acadia Center experience.

The classes were very efficient. The teachers adjusted their course content to my needs so that I could reach my goals. The fact that I had several different teachers gave me different perspectives. Because it’s a small school with a few students, you have more chance to practice with native English speakers. -Steve, Montreal, Canada

Seafood dinner on the waterfront, Camden, Maine.All was prepared in order to give us the greatest possible integration between the English lessons and real-life conversation. That happened always in an efficient and fun way, including our coffee breaks, lunches, and parties in the evenings at school, when we had the great opportunity to meet new local people, as well as people from different parts of the world. -Waine, Brazil

Student and friends, outdoor dinner.Camden is a very beautiful town, both its buildings and houses, its landscape, hills, the sea, etc. It is far from the noisy cities and highways, allowing students to focus on their study. -Mauricio, Colombia

Take advantage of our midsummer discount offer and save 10% off the complete course package when you register and pay the deposit by July 15.

Summer in Camden is waiting for you!

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New English immersion courses, featuring mini-group and private lessons, homestay accommodation, family-style meals, and excursions, begin every Monday from May through October.

How to Use Actual, Actually in English: A Top Ten Mistake for Spanish Speakers

One of the top 10 vocabulary mistakes in English made by speakers of Spanish, Italian, French, or other languages derived from Latin comes from confusing the English adjective actual or adverb actually with words that look or sound very similar in the Romance languages, words like actual in Spanish, actuel in French, or attuale in Italian.

In English, actual means real, not current. Actually means really or in fact, not currently or now.

English speakers use actual and actually to clarify something, to correct a mistake or to be more precise.

To illustrate the meaning of actually, the adverb used with a verb, two of our English immersion course students were sporting enough to act out a misunderstanding on a recent excursion to the workshop of the fabulous master furniture makers at Windsor Chairmakers in Lincolnville, Maine.

English excursion to Windsor Chairmakers in Lincolnville, Maine.


Lupita: What’s this called?

Rodrigo: Wait a minute. Let me think. A sweep!

Lupita: No, actually it’s called a broom.

Rodrigo: Ah, yes, you sweep with a broom.

Lupita: You got it!

By using the adverb actually, Lupita did not mean to imply that the name broom had changed. She was simply correcting Rodrigo’s mistake. It’s a less formal, and therefore more common, way of saying in fact and then proceeding with the correct information.

As another example, let me ask you a geography question about Camden, Maine, the home of Acadia Center for English Immersion… Which is farther north: Camden or London?

Most visitors to Camden, reasoning that Camden, like the rest of New England, gets considerably more snow than London does, would pick Camden.

English immersion course student on Main St. in Camden, Maine., USA.


Actually, London, at 51.51 degrees north latitude, is much farther north than Camden, at 44.21. In fact, Paris, Bordeaux, and Milan are all farther north than Camden. You would actually have to travel as far south in Italy as Bologna or Genoa to find yourself at the same latitude as Camden, Maine.

False friends is the name we give to words in different languages that look similar but have different meanings. Now that you know the actual meaning of actual and actually, you can avoid this common vocabulary pitfall.

Save 5% with Early Registration Discount

Is your English ready for take off?

Biplane at Owls Head Transportation Museum in Rockland, on excursion with Acadia Center English immersion students.


Now is the time to take advantage of our Early Registration Discount and save 5% when you register for an English immersion course in Camden, Maine, by January 27, 2018.

New courses begin every Monday starting April 23.

If improving English is important to your professional life or personal life, Acadia Center’s English immersion courses offer a comprehensive program designed to raise your English to the next level.

Featuring small group classes, private lessons, family-style meals with teachers and local dinner hosts, homestay accommodation, and excursions in and around a classic New England small town by the sea, an English immersion course at Acadia Center will give you the conversational and writing skills you need for your work and for travel.

English immersion students tour the Maine Statehouse in Augusta.


“Everything was prepared to give us the greatest possible integration between the English lessons and real life,” says Waine, an accounting executive from Brazil. “That happened always in an efficient and fun way, including our coffee breaks, lunches, and parties in the evenings at school, when we had the great opportunity to meet new local people, as well as people from different parts of the world.”

Discounts are available to companies sending two or more students in one calendar year, to friends or couples attending a course together, and to alumni.

For the biggest savings of the year, make sure to register for an English immersion course in 2018 by January 27!

Camden: “A Hub of Big Ideas”

In a guest post for the tech community organizer and news website, Camden, Maine, writer and editor Joan Phaup explains what makes Camden a great place to live and visit.

“Camden,” she wrote, “is a community with spectacular surroundings, a vibrant cultural life and an inquisitive, dynamic spirit that grabbed us from the start and has never let go.”

Citing such marquee cultural events as Pop Tech, the Camden Conference, and the Camden International Film Festival, Phaup describes Camden as “a small town with big ideas.”

With its beautiful setting between ocean and mountains and all the cultural opportunities, Camden has the feel of a university campus, wrote Phaup. “This combination of the great outdoors with world-class learning opportunities still astounds me.”

Thanks to Acadia Center English immersion course alumnus Jean-Marc from Paris for calling our attention to this well-written portrait of Acadia Center’s hometown!


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Acadia Center students on excursion in Belfast, Maine.


Give yourself a treat! Sign up now for a 2017 English immersion course at Acadia Center in Camden, Maine, USA. New English immersion courses begin every Monday from April 17 through November 18.

If you want to speak and understand English with confidence and communicate about business and personal topics with ease, it’s time to invest in your future and enroll in one of our intensive English courses.

“The progress is very good,” says Steve, a real estate developer from Montreal, “because you are constantly speaking during the day with the teachers or with the host families during dinner.”

“The English lessons were all fantastic,” says Milton, a telecom executive from Argentina. “In particular, I want to mention the variety in background, personality, and teaching style of each professor. This characteristic enriched the classes and made me feel engaged and interested in all the classes.”

English Immersion: Fall Courses in New England, USA

English immersion class at Acadia Center.


Have you always dreamed of being able to converse in English in a relaxed and confident way?

The best way to improve your fluency is to immerse yourself in the language from morning to night. Acadia Center and its dedicated, experienced teachers give you a friendly, supportive immersion environment in which you can learn the tools you need to raise your English to a higher level.

New English immersion courses begin every Monday, now through the end of November. Register now for an immersion course in Fall 2016, or at discounted prices for 2017!

Acadia Center English immersion students visit Port Clyde lighthouse, featured in the Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump.

Summer English Courses in Maine

Summer English Courses in MaineThe lilacs are in bloom, the schooners are under sail, and professionals from around the world are coming to Maine for full immersion summer English courses.

Sailing, kayaking, hiking, biking, and swimming, as well as more sedentary activities such as relaxing at an outdoor café table, are all awaiting Acadia Center’s English immersion course students in Camden, Maine, this summer.

Register now for a learning vacation with like-minded professionals who want to improve their everyday English in a total immersion environment!

Conversation Tourism

An antique biplane at the Transportation Museum.You’ve heard of eco-tourism. What about talking-tourism or conversation-tourism?

The best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in experiences that get you conversing with native speakers, so why not talk about the things that interest you most? In our premium English immersion courses, you go on daily excursions with a teacher by your side always on the lookout for opportunities to help you learn new vocabulary in a fun and memorable way.

An executive from the Czech Republic, for instance, was eager to meet other professional pilots, so in an afternoon excursion to the dynamic Owls Head Transportation Museum, he got the chance to chat with a local pilot who has flown many of the antique biplanes at the museum.

Studying wildlife migration map with ecologist Janet McMahon.Nature and conservation is the passion of another student of ours, an executive from Barcelona, and the excursions designed for him included a tour of a woodland management project with a local forester and otter and owl tracking in a nearby nature preserve with a local ecologist and wildlife expert.

Hands-on learning, a rich visual and experiential context for vocabulary, all while visiting the many cultural and natural treasures of Maine!