Excursions & Activities

The mountains, rivers, ocean, and beaches of the Maine coast are ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds, including hiking, biking, swimming, sailing, kayaking, tennis, and golf.

Excursion to Maiden Cliff, Camden, Maine.

Camden also offers charming seaside restaurants, art galleries, shops, and boutiques.

Two afternoons per week students and teachers take an excursion together to places of interest in the area.  Excursion possibilities include:

  • Enjoying the magnificent view of ocean and islands from the top of Mt. Battie
  • Visiting an art museum, a winery, and a furniture craftsman’s workshop
  • Learning about antique cars and airplanes at a local transportation museum
  • Sailing on a traditional wooden schooner in beautiful Penobscot Bay
  • Exploring a lighthouse at the end of a rocky peninsula

The area also offers frequent music and maritime heritage festivals, as well as films, concerts, and lectures.

Friendly and safe, Camden is the perfect place to immerse yourself in English while enjoying a memorable learning vacation.

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