Conversation Tourism

An antique biplane at the Transportation Museum.You’ve heard of eco-tourism. What about talking-tourism or conversation-tourism?

The best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in experiences that get you conversing with native speakers, so why not talk about the things that interest you most? In our premium English immersion courses, you go on daily excursions with a teacher by your side always on the lookout for opportunities to help you learn new vocabulary in a fun and memorable way.

An executive from the Czech Republic, for instance, was eager to meet other professional pilots, so in an afternoon excursion to the dynamic Owls Head Transportation Museum, he got the chance to chat with a local pilot who has flown many of the antique biplanes at the museum.

Studying wildlife migration map with ecologist Janet McMahon.Nature and conservation is the passion of another student of ours, an executive from Barcelona, and the excursions designed for him included a tour of a woodland management project with a local forester and otter and owl tracking in a nearby nature preserve with a local ecologist and wildlife expert.

Hands-on learning, a rich visual and experiential context for vocabulary, all while visiting the many cultural and natural treasures of Maine!

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