Summer in Camden, Maine

English immersion students working together on class project.

Summertime in Camden means delicious seafood, ocean sailing, and a not-to-be-missed opportunity to take a giant leap in your English proficiency at Acadia Center!

The shortest path to reaching your English language learning goals is full English immersion. At Acadia Center, you will practice your English all day, every day, in class and out of class, at family-style meals, and on excursions.

Student and teacher in school garden.Individual attention to your specific learning objectives is at the heart of the Acadia Center experience.

The classes were very efficient. The teachers adjusted their course content to my needs so that I could reach my goals. The fact that I had several different teachers gave me different perspectives. Because it’s a small school with a few students, you have more chance to practice with native English speakers. -Steve, Montreal, Canada

Seafood dinner on the waterfront, Camden, Maine.All was prepared in order to give us the greatest possible integration between the English lessons and real-life conversation. That happened always in an efficient and fun way, including our coffee breaks, lunches, and parties in the evenings at school, when we had the great opportunity to meet new local people, as well as people from different parts of the world. -Waine, Brazil

Student and friends, outdoor dinner.Camden is a very beautiful town, both its buildings and houses, its landscape, hills, the sea, etc. It is far from the noisy cities and highways, allowing students to focus on their study. -Mauricio, Colombia

New English immersion courses begin every Monday from May through October.

Register now – summer in Camden is waiting for you!

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