New Discounts for Fall/Winter Courses

Is improving your English essential to doing your job well or finding a new job? Have you been too busy with work and family life to study English?

Individual English lesson.There’s no better way to improve your English quickly than taking an English immersion course, and with new discounts for fall and winter courses at Acadia Center, there’s no better time to make the commitment to improving your English.

For combination (private/mini-group) courses and for private courses, we are now offering a discount of 10% off the course fee (not including accommodations). The discount is for new registrations only and does not apply to customized courses. To be eligible for the discount, you must register and pay the course fee deposit before November 21, 2009, and begin your course before February 1, 2010.

Couples and friends taking a course together are also eligible for an additional 5% discount off the course fee (not including accommodations).

Excursion to Lucia Beach on a sunny fall day.To receive the discounted rate when you register, enter the appropriate discount code in the questions/comments section. For the 10% discount, enter code: FW10. For the couples/friends discount, enter code: TT5.

Take advantage of Acadia Center’s fall/winter course discount and the lower off-season airfares to immerse yourself in English — effectively and affordably — in a beautiful New England town!



We are open all year with new courses beginning every Monday. Most students study at Acadia Center for two, three, or four weeks, but shorter and longer courses are also available.

For course price information, see:
To register for a course, please use the Registration Form on our website.
To contact us with a question, please use the Contact Form on our website.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you can join us in Maine!
–Brian Boyd, Director, Acadia Center


hi I would like to know the prices and also the schedule for the courses available. Thanks for now

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